Are your employees on a constant rotation of sick days that burden the rest of the team?

According to new research commissioned by the NSW Government initiative Get Healthy at Work, small and medium-sized businesses with high absenteeism i.e. unplanned ‘sickies’, stressed and inactive staff cost $100,000 more to run over 5 years.

Statistics show that within the workplace, people who exercise and eat a nutritious diet outperform those who don’t.

Employees who exercise for at least 30 minutes 3 times a week, are 15% more likely to have higher job performance.

Healthy employees take fewer sick days, with 27% less absenteeism.

This article shares findings from a Harvard study, which concluded that each $1 spent on wellness programs saves employers about $3 in healthcare costs and $3 in reduced absenteeism.

Even if every $1 invested yielded a return of just $1, that means that the benefit is essentially free!  Who wouldn’t provide such a benefit?

Employers who offer workplace wellness programs attract better quality candidates and make for more desirable workplaces.

Benefits Include

Program Delivery

  • 1 Year Program measuring KPIs from start to finish
  • Interactive online delivery with option for in-person workshops
  • In-house group training and workshop options available
  • Tailored packages based on individual company needs
  • Available worldwide